Decoridea srl


Decoridea is specialized in the hotel supply industry aiming to provide items to hotels, restaurants, bars, coffee roasters and caterers.  Decoridea is focused in direct sales offering a wide range of porcelain tableware, glassware and ceramic completely customized. At Decoridea there is a careful, focused and no-ending research for quality and excellence of products. The Company is client-oriented to address the customers – depending on the case –  toward the best choice and offering always tailor-made solutions. Also, Decoridea can create new decoration solutions or collections upon request with the engagement of experienced and talented technical producers and model makers for realizing exclusive products.  Further, Decoridea is specialized in the production of cups for professional use with great resistance from crashes and thermal shocks with a productive capacity that can meet the high-quality standards and high-supply demand typical of the most important players in the coffee roasting market. The flexibility of Decoridea makes possible to produce also small quantities of customized items without neglecting quality, efficiency and costs: a service that only an industrial plant can guarantee!